An Honest Review of ivueit as a Side Hustle

Field inspector and picture taking apps have gained popularity in recent years. One player in this arena is ivueit, an app that offers picture taking assignments in exchange for money.

Types of assignments

The typical ivueit assignment, known as a ‘vue’, consists of taking pictures of either the exterior, interior, or both of both residential and commercial buildings. For example, I recently completed a vue that consisted of taking 15 pictures of exterior landscaping of a Dollar General store. Other assignments include taking pictures of interior flooring, ceilings, walls, and more.

The majority of assignments can be completed quickly, in 15 minutes or less, not counting travel.

Pay and travel

The pay is both good and bad – $7 to take pictures of exterior landscaping is quick and easy money. The caveat is the travel; the pay is not worth it unless you meet one of two conditions:

  1. The assignment is local/within a 10 mile radius
  2. You’re going to be in an area already for a different reason

For example, I was completing an assignment for Wegolook last week when a notification from ivueit popped up. The vue was only a 3 minute drive from my assignment! Once I finished my Wegolook assignment, I was able to complete the vue, which consisted of taking 15-30 photos of exterior landscaping for a Dollar General. Needless to say, it was an easy $7, and more than covered the gas that I used for my Wegolook assignment.

Ease of use

The app is fairly simple to use. ivueit offers a map, and you can search by mile radius and pay rate.

The functionality is very helpful; available vues will show up as green dots on the map. If you are traveling for any reason, you can view the map to check proximity.

About the ivueit pay rates

The pay is good and bad at the same time. Its good because you can make $7 for under 10 minutes of work for taking pictures of trees and shrubs. It is bad because the rates do not justify traveling solely to complete a view. As previously mentioned, vues are best completed if you have to travel to an area for any other reason.

You can even enable “commuter mode” in the app to receive notifications about vues in areas that you are visiting. Unfortunately, this feature refreshes every 15 minutes, and you will not receive real time notifications if you pass a vue en route to a destination.

Fast payments

One nice feature about ivueit is that they tend to review your work and offer immediate payment if your vue was completed properly. You can withdraw funds from your “wallet” and they will send the money to paypal. A note of caution – if you miss a step in a vue, they may reject it. I once forgot to take a picture of the entrance of a Dollar General, and despite taking almost thirty other pictures, they rejected it. I ended up getting the vue unassigned as I was in this particular area for a different gig, and the travel wasn’t worth the $7.

The final verdict

ivueit is absolutely a legitimate app and a great way to supplement your income. If you travel for work or for other side hustles, its a great app to keep in mind. You won’t become rich by utilizing ivueit, but it is easy to use and the gigs are easy to complete.

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