Bad Side Hustle Advice From Newsweek

Just when you think you’ve seen it ALL….someone comes along with content that is beyond absurd. Enter Newsweek. In this article, written on October 24th, the author suggests that you can make some serious money by Christmas via dropshipping:

“Getting started might sound complicated, but Liu, who runs the account @alice_liuuu on TikTok, has previously shared with her followers how her side hustle could potentially earn you $50,000 before Christmas is here.”

In theory, the author, Suzanne Blake, could claim that she’s simply passing along information provided by Alice Liu. Regardless, anyone who claims that you can make $50,000 in less than 90 days is NOT to be trusted. Some people toil away for YEARS to be able to make $50,000. Also, are they talking about revenue or profit?

But Wait, There’s More!

Believe it or not, the possibility of making 50k before Christmas isn’t the only bad advice in this article. “Another solid option to make some extra money this season is to turn your property into income. If you have a pool, backyard or even tennis or pickleball court, you might be standing on a mine of extra spending money.”

Has Newsweek taken the time to READ THE ROOM?! The average American looking for side hustle advice does not have the luxury of a tennis court in their back yard. Heck, it is tougher than ever for young people to buy starter homes. The average American who wants to make ends-meet or save a few dollars for Christmas does not have the luxury of a pool to rent out.

In All Fairness to Suzanne Blake

I really don’t want to bash a young, new journalist who joined Newsweek in 2023. The internet is mean enough. The article isn’t poorly written, and she sought interviews, but her editorial team should have done a better job helping with this article.

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