Is Poshmark a Viable Side Hustle in 2024? Learn More

Despite being a Poshmark Ambassador with 60,000 followers, selling on Poshmark is a “slow burn”. I recently sold two men’s Brooks Brothers shirts for next to nothing – I had them listed for months and am just happy to get rid of them. After some introspection, I realized that this isn’t the ideal transaction by which to judge Poshmark:

  • The shirts were numerically equivalent to size XXL, which might not be a popular size on Poshmark
  • The men’s category isn’t nearly as popular as women’s
  • Demand for business casual has declined

My listing only sold for $10, yet Brooks Brothers shirts usually retail for $39-$99 brand new. My market research on previously sold items indicated that EACH shirt should have sold for $15-$25. But there’s a caveat; I revisited the market research, and none of the shirts sold were “bright” or “loud” like the ones that I had listed (one was yellow with a pattern and the other green).

Since 2017, I’ve recorded 112 sales on Poshmark, and most of the sales were before 2020. I’ve since dabbled, and am wondering if Poshmark is still a viable side hustle in 2024.

Know the Market

A whopping 80% of Poshmark users are female, and over 50% of Poshmark users are millennials or younger. This explains why my Brooks Brothers listing did not gain traction. According to one analyst, “Brooks Brothers has long suffered from a failure to decisively adapt to changing trends.”

Now, the brand does sell on Poshmark, but eBay or Mercari would have probably been a better bet. Looking at the data, it is a wonder that my listing sold at all! Out of my 100+ Poshmark sales, men’s shoes have been my best category, as I typically find expensive brands at thrift stores and refurbish them.

The Answer is Yes, But

Poshmark is indeed a viable side hustle in 2024, but you have to know your market. Selling successfully on Poshmark requires the following:

  • Know who you are selling to
  • Know the demand and value of what you are selling
  • Stick to the fundamentals: take good pictures, and make sure listings are keyword-optimized
  • Cross-list slow-moving items on other selling platforms

This isn’t even close to a comprehensive list of what it takes to successfully sell on Poshmark, but you get the point.

Question the Naysayers

My slow-moving Brooks Brothers listing could easily become a tale of woe, but upon further review, I was selling the shirts on the wrong platform. There are plenty of people who’ve tried to sell on Poshmark, but were not selling the right items to the right people, at the right time.

Successful selling also requires trial and error/test runs, to see what works and what doesn’t. Given the popularity of the platform, you can make money, and turn it into a viable side hustle.

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