How to Choose Upwork Writing Projects to Bid On

There’s almost an unlimited supply of articles on “how to write better Upwork proposals”, so I’m not going to cover that for now. No matter your experience level, we want to help! Whether you’re experienced or searching info on Upwork jobs for beginners, we’ve got you covered.

Rather, I’d like to focus on a less popular topic, and that’s HOW TO choose the right jobs to bid on.

This article will cover how to find good paying clients who will treat you well.

Money Talks

At first glance, it is usually nice to see a “payment verified” client that’s spent a decent amount of money on Upwork. It shows that they actually pay and understand how to use the platform. It also shows that they probably aren’t flaky. While these are positive signs, you should always scroll down to check a client’s recent history:

The best part of this feature is that you can see how much the client paid for the jobs listed!

So, if they have spent plenty on Upwork but pay low project rates, you know to avoid them.

View Client & Freelancer Feedback

When viewing client history, you can gain insight into what it is like to work for a particular client.

Are they demanding?

Are they an asshole?

Are they unreasonable?

Upwork allows both the freelancer and client to post feedback. Here is an example – the freelancer rating of the client comes first, and the client to freelancer rating is next:

Next Steps

By examining a potential client’s payment history and freelancer feedback, you can avoid cheap, problematic clients. While this does not guarantee that you won’t encounter such a client, it will significantly reduce the chances.

If you’ve ever worked in sales, you’re familiar with how to qualify prospects/leads/potential clients. For those who haven’t worked in sales, qualification is a “key step in the sales process in which a salesperson determines whether a prospect is a good fit for a product or service.”

Think of the above as qualifying.

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