Taking Surveys For Money is a Bad Idea

In this article, Finance Buzz lists taking surveys first on their list of “21 Weekend Side Jobs That Make You Money (And Are Actually Fun)”. Their affiliate image states that you can make UP TO $40 per month by taking 3 surveys per day.

Let’s make something abundantly clear – taking surveys isn’t a viable side hustle, and should only be done out of desperation. According to the Millennial Money man, you can “make around $1-$3 per survey, and the surveys can range from 15-45 minutes long.” Also, you can be cut off in the middle of a survey if Survey Junkie determines that the survey isn’t a good fit.

In 2023, no source with any modicum of credibility should recommend surveys as a viable side hustle. Surveys are time-consuming, pay poorly, and you might end up not getting paid for your time when a survey is deemed “not a good fit”.

Here’s Why Sites Want You to Take Surveys

Why do so many sites list surveys as a viable side hustle if the pay is crap? Because “money talks and bullshit walks”. Site owners, writers, and bloggers get paid by sites like survey junkie to send traffic. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with promoting a site, service, or product as an affiliate. This site does and will. However, there is a problem when people want to profit from bad advice. Telling people to take surveys for money is awful advice.

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