Profit by Selling Used Fitness Equipment as a Side Hustle

If you are moderately handy, have reliable transportation, and some spare space, you could tap into used fitness equipment market. As I write this, I have found three newly listed opportunities for treadmills in my area. All are under $50 and require repairs. Many people sell their fitness equipment for a fraction of what they paid for it, and for various reasons. Moving and malfunction are two of the top reasons why people sell their equipment.

How to find fitness equipment to sell

Utilize the following markets to find used fitness equipment:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Offerup
  • Craigslist
  • eBay (local pickup only)
  • Facebook groups

All of these are enough to get you started. On any given day, there are PLENTY of free and cheap options on any of these platforms.

Do your homework

Not all equipment will be worth your while. Be sure to look up the model for sale to check the following:

  • Age – is the unit outdated?
  • Current retail price
  • Average used prices in working condition
  • Common problems & repairs
  • Cost for parts if repairs are needed
  • Sales history, Facebook Marketplace and other platforms allow you to view sold items.

Once you have this information, you can decide if you’d like to acquire the unit.

If repairs are required, ask the seller if they know what is wrong with the unit. Regardless of the answer, be sure to research common problems and part prices.

Pictures are very important

I am currently scrolling local listings for treadmills, and the pictures from many of the listings are awful. Check it out for yourself! You will see pictures of equipment in crowded garages in game rooms, outside, in poorly lit rooms, and you will see equipment that is dirty. While gross, this is all good news for you! Once acquired, you will have the opportunity to text, clean, and take GREAT pictures of the equipment.

Listings are too

When scrolling, notice how many of the titles and descriptions are lacking. Many will simply read “treadmill” without any additional information. In these instances, the text in the description is also lacking. For titles, be sure to list the manufacturer, model number, and condition. For the description, make sure that you describe the unit as clean and in working condition. You could also offer potential customers the opportunity to plug in the equipment to ensure operation.


Selling used fitness equipment is more labor-intensive than other side hustles but can be lucrative if done correctly. Don’t forget to lift with your legs and not your back when loading this equipment!

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